HVAC Maintenance For Pet Owners

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Some people love cats. Some people love dogs. Some people love them both. Regardless, almost everybody appreciates the companionship of their furry friends at home — even when all their hair and dander wreaks havoc on their furnace filter. This havoc can jeopardize the air quality in your residence. And although this might be a minor price to pay for the company of a beloved family dog or cat or maybe both, professionals say pet owners should take some measures to prevent poor air quality indoors or damage to your system.  To help with this, we at Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air suggest the following preventative HVAC maintenance actions to defend your system from potential damage created by pet hair clogs and dander.



It is essential to examine your furnace filter frequently (like every month) if you have pets in your home that might be shedding their fur in your home. Then, replace it as often as it’s needed. With multiple furry ones in a house, hair clogs, and dander collection on a furnace filter is common. This collection can significantly weaken your system’s performance and effectiveness, adding unnecessary strain. If your air filter is clogging up frequently, you might consider switching to a reusable filter that you can wash.


If you can prevent your furnace filter from developing pet hair clogs in the first place, it is better than having to replace your HVAC filter. Depending on how many little furry ones you have, the type of fur they have, and how much they shed, you may end up needing to vacuum daily or at a minimum of a few times per week. The intent here is to keep all that fur from building up and prevent it from collecting in your air filter. Cleaning experts propose pet owners should begin cleaning on the floor and moving upwards, getting all their furniture and mattresses while washing specific clothing regularly.


Fur shedding is a healthy and natural process for animals with fur. However, you can do a better job of preventing all that hair from accumulating in your home by grooming them frequently. This entails bathing them, brushing them, and helping them “de-shed” to hold their natural shedding to a minimum and decrease dander. Proactive measures like grooming will leave less fur to have to vacuum up.


Even if you clean and groom frequently, tiny hairs and other particles are going to wind up circulating through your HVAC system, starting with your air ducts. Because of this, these particles and hairs and dander can build up quickly inside your air ducts. The buildup can lead to a clog or harm your home’s quality of air, which is why HVAC maintenance is so indispensable. Professionals say an HVAC technician needs to examine your ductwork and especially your whole HVAC system every year.


Anyone with pets can tell you. Pets are known to damage things in your home. It’s a fact of life with furry ones. As such, your HVAC system is not immune. One of the most prevalent ways a dog causes damage to an air conditioner is by excreting on its exterior condenser unit. The corrosive damage from this can lead to expensive repairs. And, unless you try to ignore the damage, it can cost a lot of money to fix it. To stop this from occurring in the first place, we recommend you undertake some proactive measures. Building a barrier surrounding the exterior unit is a great start. If you choose to do this, be prudent not to put it too close to the condenser because it could limit the flow of air and restrict its accessibility. As such, we promote utilizing a fence-like material to permit the air to flow through. Also, measure the distance around the unit. Be sure to give your AC a three-foot margin. Another common damage caused by dogs is when they chew up HVAC wires. So, we suggest concealing any visible wiring. Finally, even when your home is clean and pets are groomed often, your HVAC system will still need professional maintenance annually. We strongly advise you to schedule a heating tune-up every fall before winter and a tune-up on your air conditioning every spring before summer.


The majority of people prefer temperatures in the higher 60s or lower 70s. However, our furry friends are comfortable at their own temperatures. If you’re away from the house during the day, set your thermostat to the lower- to mid-60s in the winter to keep those furry ones cozy. During the summer, adjust it to the low- to mid-70s to keep them cool. Doing this also enables you to save energy and money on your utility bills while providing your HVAC system with a break.


Is the air quality in your home suffering because of pet fur, dander, or dirt? Are you or your family members affected by allergies? If so, an air purifier is probably deserving of some consideration. Air purifiers help your home’s air remain clean and clear of dust and dirt and dander. As such, purifiers are not only better for your well-being, but they are also better for your pet’s health. There are tons of options out there these days that will improve the air quality in your home according to its size and the number of furry ones you have.


Getting an HVAC service agreement from a trustworthy provider, like our local company, is a fantastic way to keep your system operating at its peak and prolong its lifespan. With preventative actions like this, you can keep your system free of pet hair and dander problems and eliminate emergency repairs throughout the busy seasons each year. If you would like to learn more, or if you have a question, please call Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air today at 614-490-7530, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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