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Our long list of home heating services include fast furnace repair services, affordable heater repairs, low-cost furnace diagnostics, home heating system repair, heating system replacement, furnace maintenance, heating system installation, furnace safety checks, heating system inspections and much more.

Whenever you call us for a “furnace repair near me” or “heater repair near me” we send over the absolute best furnace repair professionals as quickly as possible. The men and women working for us are the absolute best in the HVAC business. We have an entire team of furnace professionals who are NATE-certified and great at what they do. We train our technicians in-house with regular meetings and regular drug testing. These men and women are background checked and vetted at multiple levels to ensure the highest level of skill, professionalism and customer services in the region. We are also proud to offer the best prices on furnace installation and furnace replacement on the industry’s best products with warranty coverage you won’t find anywhere else. Simply put, you won’t find better, more friendly, and more professional services at more reasonable prices.

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Emergency Furnace Repair

Emergency Furnace Repairs in Lewis Center & Powell, OH

If your heater isn’t working properly or you have a furnace problem, you know you need someone fast and local nearby who can help in an affordable manner. If you’re online looking for a “furnace handyman near me” or “furnace repairs near me” you’re in the right place. Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air treats every emergency furnace call with the utmost speed and efficiency. If your heater breaks down or you have some type of problem with your home heating system, our local furnace repair technicians are always on call. We are always more than happy to help. We can send a heater professional right away to make sure you don’t lose any sleep or be forced to wait without heat. We take home heating emergencies seriously and offer 24-hour emergency furnace repairs without any sort of hidden fees. Anytime a homeowner or business owner in the Lewis Center or Powell area calls us with a furnace problem or heating system problem, our HVAC repair experts are notified immediately. We perform low-cost furnace diagnostics. You won’t find more affordable heating system diagnostics in the region. We practically give this service away without any obligation. Additionally, we can also repair your heating system that same day, on the spot, if you’d like.

Furnace & Heating Services in Lewis Center - Powell, Ohio

Are You Qualified to Work on My Heating System?

We definitely believe our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians are some of the most qualified in the area. They complete a rigorous training and certification program, then maintain their competency with recurring training. So you know you’re getting the best. We install replacement heating equipment such as residential gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, and air handlers.

Our team of heating and cooling experts offers a variety of furnace repair and maintenance services to help Lewis Center & Powell homeowners. We perform seasonal maintenance, system cleaning, and calibration of your heating system to keep your family warm and comfortable all season long. Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air handles any equipment or parts connected to heating your home. That includes gas heaters, electric heaters, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems.

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Common Furnace Repair Questions & Answers

Why does my furnace unit keep turning off repeatedly?

The most common reason a home heating system would turn off continuously is due to a problem with airflow. Often, it’s a sign you need to replace your air filter. If so, and that’s the only cause, you’re in luck. This is probably the simplest and cheapest furnace fixes possible and can be done on your own. Otherwise, check your thermostat to make sure nothing is messing with its reading, like sunlight, a heat register, a heating appliance or a fire. The worst-case scenario for short cycling and the most expensive to fix is when it’s the result of a poorly installed system. This underscores the importance of using an expert furnace installation company. When a furnace isn’t properly sized, it can end up having to short cycle like this.

Why does my furnace keep running?

As suggested above, a continuously running heating system might be caused by the thermostat’s setting. If your furnace is running non-stop, check your thermostat to guarantee your system’s fan is set to “auto” and not “on.” When the thermostat has the fan setting on the “on” notch, the fan will run non-stop, even when the furnace isn’t producing heat for the home. If that’s not the problem, you’ll next want to consider the fan limit switch. If this is the issue, your fan limit switch, which needs a manual override. After trying these two tips, if your home heating system is still running non-stop, give us a call so we can help.

Why is my furnace blowing cool air?

Heating systems are supposed to blow out heat, obviously. So if your residential furnace is blowing cool air, it’s something you know you’ll need to have looked at. If your furnace is blowing cold air, we suggest checking the furnace’s fan settings for starters to make sure the setting isn’t turned to “on.” Furnace fan setting are supposed to be on “auto” and not “on.” In any case, if this isn’t the cause of the problem, check your system’s air filter to make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. After checking the fan setting and air filter, if the problem persists you need to check your furnace’s pilot light (if you have a gas furnace). Beyond these suggestions, if you’re still having problems with cool air coming out of your furnace, give us a call us to discuss getting your furnace back to blowing that nice heated air you depend on.

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