How to Stay Cool with a Broken AC 

Jul 1, 2024 | How To, AC, Air Conditioner, Blinds, Broken, Ceiling Fans, Cool, Cool Air, Exterior Doors, Summer, Warm Air, Windows

If your AC has suddenly broken down, you might feel like you’re melting under Ohio’s scorching summer sun. Hopefully, you’ve already called Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air, as we offer 24-hour emergency services year-round. Our dedicated NATE-certified technicians are available 365 days a year to provide excellent customer service, especially when you need it most. Trust us to come as soon as possible, but while you wait for your technician to arrive, you may be uncomfortable and looking for ways to keep yourself and your family cool. 

While you wait for our technicians, here are some practical tips to stay cool: 

  • Set your ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise 
  • Close your blinds and drapes 
  • Limit opening exterior doors 
  • Open windows at night 
  • Avoid using heat-inducing appliances 
  • Try a DIY temporary AC 

Here’s how you can stay cool in the meantime:  

  1. Set Your Ceiling Fans Counter-clockwise: Most ceiling fans are set to a clockwise rotation, which pushes air downwards for a cooling effect when your AC is working. Since your AC isn’t working, try setting your fans to counterclockwise. This pulls up cool air and spreads it around the room, making it more comfortable. Not sure where the switch is? It’s usually on the base of the ceiling fan to change the blade direction. 
  1. Limit Opening Exterior Doors: If you can refrain from doing so, try to minimize the entry of warm air by keeping front, back, basement, and garage doors closed as much as possible. You don’t want to let whatever cool air you have remaining in your house outside, and on the same note, you don’t want any of that unwanted warm air creeping in. Close Your Blinds and Drapes: This will block out sunlight and keep it from heating your home. Make sure to close all blinds, drapes, and window treatments. Also, close all windows; a daytime cross-breeze won’t help keep warm air out. 
  1. Open Windows at Night: As temperatures drop in the evening, opening your windows can cool your home. Just remember to close them once again in the morning! 
  1. Avoid Using Heat-Generating Appliances: Appliances like the stove, dryer, and dishwasher can increase your home’s temperature. Try to avoid using them while waiting for your AC to be fixed. 
  1. DIY Temporary AC: This tip is a bit unconventional but effective. You can create a makeshift AC by placing a large bowl of ice in front of an electric fan. The fan will blow air over the ice, cooling it down as it passes. Sit in front of this setup and relax while we work on getting your AC back up and running! 

These tips will help you stay cool while waiting for your AC repair. At Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air, we aim to provide the best and most efficient service. Our expertise covers all your HVAC needs, ensuring top-notch service. Don’t hesitate to call us – our team is ready to handle all your home comfort requirements and deliver great customer service! 

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