As early spring brings with it a sense of anticipation and delight, be sure to take precautionary steps now to avoid any future inconveniences. There are many seasonal transitions that come along with the spring season, including humidity. As a way to counteract this issue, installing a whole-home dehumidifier is an effortless technique for preserving your home’s indoor air quality during the humid season. It will guarantee that no matter how muggy the outdoors gets, you can still enjoy fresh, pure air in your home! 

Don’t let the discomfort of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) plague you any longer. You can invest in a whole-home dehumidifier today and save yourself from future distress. Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air is here to offer more knowledge about this IAQ-boosting device that helps reduce humidity levels, making your home healthier for everyone! Don’t wait until poor IAQ becomes an issue; take control now and enjoy a moisture-free environment! 


Be alert to these signs to determine if the high humidity levels are degrading your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ): 

  • If your home seems stale and stuffy, it may be a signal there is an excess of humidity in the air.  
  • High humidity creates a robust environment for mold and mildew to thrive, giving bacteria the optimum conditions in which they can rapidly multiply. To keep your home free of these unwelcome inhabitants, you should stay observant and constantly check for any hints that could indicate their existence. 
  • If you’ve noticed constant water or vapor stains on your walls and ceilings, it’s a definite sign that something more serious is occurring in your home. Don’t hesitate to take urgent action to determine the source of the issue before any additional damage takes place. 
  • Keep an eye out for warping or other indications of wear on furniture pieces, walls, and ceilings, as it could be indicative of poor humidity levels. 
  • If you observe condensation on your windows and doors, this is another sign of moist air. 
  • If your basement feels clammy and smells musty, it’s likely that the air is overly humid and needs to be balanced. 


  • HEALTH BENEFITS: We are well aware of the danger that mold and mildew can bring us, yet it is essential to recognize how high humidity levels become a breeding ground for them. Achieving good air quality in your home is an excellent way to protect yourself from harm since it prevents hazardous microorganisms from reproducing. Take control now and make sure the environment inside your house remains breathable by keeping its air clean! For those with breathing difficulties, such as asthma or allergies, it’s critical to be extra conscious of the pollutants that can worsen their conditions. If anyone in your family already has a respiratory-related issue, investing in an air purification system like a whole-home dehumidifier could provide the perfect solution! 
  • HOME BENEFITS: Not only is having proper humidity levels beneficial for your health, but it’s critical if you want to protect the items in your home as well as the house itself (I.e., ceilings, walls, and trim). When too much moisture builds up indoors, water spots and warping will form on walls and ceilings, potentially damaging furniture over time. Furthermore, antiques and collectibles can be ruined beyond repair when there’s an abundance of humidity inside. 


A dehumidifier is a perfect device to ensure that your home’s air is healthy and comfortable. It draws in humid air with its fan before passing it over its internal coils, which eliminates excessive moisture content by way of separating the moisture from the air. The excess water is then retained and kept in the dehumidifier’s reservoir. This process maintains ideal humidity levels on the inside of your house for a breathable atmosphere that makes sure everyone stays safe! 

Worry no more about managing your home’s humidity; Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air is here to help! Our passionate technicians are dedicated to finding you a whole-home dehumidifier that will fit both your needs and budget. If there is anything we can do, reach out to us right away; our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! Call Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air today at (614) 490-7530, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!