We Are Thankful For

Nov 26, 2019 | Winter

Thanksgiving – A Time of Cheer and Thanks

Thanksgiving is a great time to pause and reflect. With the holidays underway and another year winding down, it is an ideal time to gather with our relatives, colleagues, and loved ones. We appreciate life together on Thanksgiving, and we demonstrate our appreciation for the many graces of another year. As a society, we all have much to be thankful for. There was an age in man’s not-too-distant past when the majority of our food for the year came from one crop, and all in one harvest. Although other mammals can survive all year round with various food sources, modern man was different in this way. The life-sustaining fabric of our whole society relied entirely on the crop and on the harvest. If the harvest was poor, we had chaos, famine, or war. If the harvest was plentiful, we collectively rejoiced with food, celebrations, and festivities. Year in, and year out, we celebrated when the bounty was plentiful. Through the ages, this celebration has developed today into what we call “Thanksgiving…” Through countless generations, Thanksgiving has evolved. While most people do not depend on that crop today like we used to, it still does not remove the call we as humans have to display gratitude. No matter how tough life gets, no matter how much we suffer, we will always have an abundance of things to be grateful for. Some of us have amazing jobs. Some have loving families. Some have wealth. Some have health, and some merely cling to their freedom and faith.  Regardless, we all have each other. We were born in a free country. We were born in a great era. And the more we count our blessings, the more they multiply.

To Our Lewis Center-Powell Community 

We at Lewis Center-Powell Heating and Cooling, like you, have plenty to be grateful for. In addition to being thankful for being able to work in your city, we are thankful for your business, for you, for your family. We are grateful we can give you and your family comfort, heat, and safety this winter, and that you have embraced our certified professionals into your homes. We’re thankful to be able to install HVAC equipment that keeps you warm. Whether we come out to make repairs or install a furnace, we’re glad we can provide heat for your home. We are constantly striving to keep ahead of the latest heating and cooling trends and save you hard-earned cash. Also, we’re thankful for your unique community as a whole, and we want you to know we appreciate working here. This winter, or in the future, if there is anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to call Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air at 614-490-7530. You can also schedule an appointment online now at www.lewiscenterpowellheatingandair.com/schedule-now/.

Thank you, and God Bless.