Sep 1, 2023 | HVAC Company, Emergency Services, NATE-Certified, Pricing, Service Hours, Services, Warranty

Your HVAC system does more than just regulate temperature – it creates a comfortable living environment for you and your family. During winter’s chill, it provides warmth, and in the summer, it keeps you cool. Your HVAC system works tirelessly to ensure your comfort, so it’s important to choose the right company to maintain it. Life is unpredictable, so having a reliable HVAC partner to call on for seasonal maintenance, diagnostics, or upgrades is essential. But how do you know how to choose the right HVAC company? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming.  

Let Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air assist you in finding the ideal HVAC partner by providing you with essential criteria to consider during the selection process. 

  • Reputation & Recommendations: When searching for HVAC companies, prioritize those with a robust track record and extensive expertise in the industry. Experience often indicates sufficient knowledge, skills, and proficiency in problem-solving. Seek recommendations from acquaintances and delve into online reviews for authentic customer experiences.  
  • Credentials: Do not make assumptions about credentials; instead, inquire about them. It is important to ensure that the HVAC company is properly licensed and holds relevant certifications. Reputable companies will readily provide this essential information. At Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air, our technicians are NATE-certified and backed by years of experience.  
  • Warranty Coverage: Please feel free to inquire about the warranty coverage. A reputable company ensures its workmanship and top-quality products with a robust warranty. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Transparency is crucial. A reputable company will readily disclose pricing details and, if required, provide a comprehensive cost breakdown. A dependable company will not hesitate to address pricing matters. 
  • Services: Verify that the company provides an extensive range of HVAC services, encompassing maintenance, repairs, installations, and upgrades. Our diverse offerings ensure a reliable partnership for all your HVAC requirements. By selecting Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air as your trusted provider, you gain access to a wide array of HVAC services. As a part of the Five Star Home Services family, we also simplify access to additional home services such as plumbing and electrical. 
  • Emergency Services: Ensure preparedness for unforeseen malfunctions by choosing a company that offers emergency services. At Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air, our round-the-clock, year-round emergency services guarantee that we are available whenever your HVAC system requires assistance, including weekends and holidays.  
  • Professionalism and Communication: Rely on your instincts. Assess the company’s level of professionalism, responsiveness, and communication skills. A reliable company promptly attends to inquiries and provides concise explanations of their work.  

We hope this guide has enlightened you and provided you with some great tips on finding an HVAC company you can call your own. Of course, we would be privileged to demonstrate our great customer service to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be a dream to partner with you!  

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