Staying Warm and Happy this Winter

Dec 3, 2019 | Furnace, Heating, Uncategorized

In Delaware County, sometimes it seems like we are either trying to avoid the heat or battle the cold. This winter is no different. Better hope your furnace is up for it. And whether it be the fewer hours of daylight, the colder climate, or the unification of them both — this time of year, it’s natural to grow depressed indoors while it gets perilously cold outside. We at Lewis Center-Powell Heating and Air say fight them both, the cold and the blues. We compiled the following suggestions to help you stay warm AND happy this winter.



It’s crucial to layer up this time of year. Wearing extra layers is the best way to stay warm if you have to be outdoors. With layers, if you work up a sweat or get warm out there in the cold, you can always strip back a layer or two. Also, you should invest in thermals, warm socks, and gloves. If you are worried about looking big, a lot of apparel companies manufacture cold-weather clothing that is thin enough to be worn even underneath work clothes.


Embrace the occasion to enjoy the most amazing things about this time of year. It will lift your mood. Go sledding. Build a snowman. Go ice skating. Spice up your life this winter. When you embrace all the wintery magic around you instead of dreading it, your positive outlook will begin displacing your negative thoughts. This goes a great way in helping you stay warm. Perspective is everything — especially in the cold.  So next time your thoughts start to drift toward your cold fingers or freezing ears, refocus on the positive. Just think, you have a warm home waiting for you with great HVAC. Remember, winter won’t last forever, and spending some quality time outside bundled up is good for your well-being.


Eating healthy when the weather is cold is essential to defending yourself against colds and the flu. It also promotes your body’s metabolism, which, in turn, increases body heat. That said if your resolution for the New Year is to drop a few added pounds from the previous year, pass on the extra fat and strive to eat warmer foods that are nutrient-dense along with healthy drinks. Savor some coffee or tea. Try spicy meals and soups. Hot cocoa is a wintertime favorite. Just remember, easy does it.


We have all kinds of reasons to avoid getting a workout in or going to the gym. When it’s cold outside, it’s worse. However, we say you take full advantage of those brighter, brisk days, even if it’s just walking. You’ll find some daily tasks, like shoveling the snow, can help keep you in tip-top condition. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. And if the walk to the gym in freezing cold is the real barrier, follow those who develop a regimen that you can incorporate from home. It’s a great way to move your muscles and bones and enhance blood flow without leaving the house. Get that blood flowing. It’ll keep you warmer and happier. 


Whether you get involved with a project in your school, a community-based event, or a bigger organization scheme of some sort, it gives you a feeling of personal purpose to partake in projects. This sort of individual responsibility to others and engaging in something bigger than oneself is a fundamental value to life, experts say. When you find a purpose in your life, the cold weather becomes a distant minor obstacle.


The only thing better than beating a cold or the flu is not getting it in the first place Some experts credit their supercharged immune system to drinking lots of water and always getting a regular night’s sleep.  In addition to that, keeping your body free of toxins will take you a long way, We’re not saying you should drink only lemonade for ten days straight, or consume gallons of water eating only fruit. But at the same time, every person is responsible for their own nutritious cleansing routines. Foods high in fiber, all-natural, nutrient-dense, and low on fats will go a long way in keeping your system clean. Remember, small, well-rounded meals planned throughout the day will take you and your health a long way as well. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains high in fiber are ideal.


In all this, it’s important to emphasize that while each individual is responsible for keeping themself warm, so too is each person responsible for their own happiness. Just remember, winter won’t last forever. And no one would appreciate the beauty of the warmer times without embracing the frigid days of now. It won’t be long, and you’ll be trying to stay cool once again.

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