Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Oct 4, 2019 | Blog

Did you know experts recommend having your air ducts checked by a professional every other year and having them cleaned every five to seven years? It’s true. Dirty air ducts can result in higher energy bills year-round in addition to respiratory problems and total system failure down the road. To put it simply, it’s not worth it.

Ascertaining whether it’s necessary to have your ducts cleaned is relatively easy, experts say. To recognize the signs, we at Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air put together the following list:


Unexplained Spikes in Your Energy Bill

Your home’s heating and cooling expenses should be fairly consistent year to year. However, if you notice a jump in the cost or realize the price has been going up each year, something is wrong. Your home’s duct system could be to blame. This is because, in some cases, the ductwork has become so dirty that it isn’t able to flow through your home freely as it should. When this happens, it forces your system to work inefficiently, raising the cost. Hiring a professional to clean your is not a bad idea.


Signs of Rodent or Insect Infestation

If you see, hear or smell any indication that rodents or insects could be living in your ducts, it’s time to have them cleaned. Call a professional immediately because this can severely damage your HVAC system, not to mention your health.

The odor from their droppings can be offensive, and along with their shells, husks, and shedding, it can cause illnesses and a host of other problems.


Dirt or Dust Around the Vents and Registers

Do you see dirt and debris around your air vents? If so, there is a high probability that your ducts have increased blockages or have a large number of contaminants flowing them. This can agitate allergy problems and other respiratory ailments, which is another sign of its own.


Unexplained Respiratory Problems

Are you or is anyone in your home experiencing any sinus, asthma, allergy, or other respiratory issues? Here again, dirt and debris running through your ducts could be the issue. 

Air circulates through your home multiple times each day. If your ducts have a lot of dirt and debris, it can have a big influence on the quality of the air you breathe. 


Visible Mold Growth

While dust, dirt, and other contaminants can be harmful to your health, mold is a separate and grimmer predicament. This fungus can exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems. Worse yet, it grows fast. Whether you notice mold near your vent covers, or you see it growing nearby your air conditioner, it’s imperative to take action. Be quick to protect your home’s air quality.

Get your ducts cleaned. Perhaps even safeguard against excessive moisture in your home with a dehumidifier or programmable thermostat.


Air Filters Get Dirty Too Fast

Did you know that if your house’s return air vents are dirty, that dust and dirt buildup will be pulled straight into your ducts where it goes straight to the air filter?

In such cases, you can tell your ducts need to be cleaned based on the air filter’s buildup from the ducts. Do you need to change your air filters more frequently because of buildup?


Airflow Isn’t Consistent from Room to Room

Have you ever felt the flow of air is different from one room to another? Because all vents are supposed to be equally open, you might need to clean your air ducts. Doing so will make airflow more consistent room to room.


Noises in the Ductwork

After you’ve lived in your home for a short while, you learn all its little noises. You become familiar with all its little quirks. But did you know that ductwork isn’t supposed to make any noises?

If you hear anything more than the motor to your blower, or a vague “swooshing” noise, your ductwork could have blockage or debris. If so, it’s time to call one of our certified professionals. 

If you observe any of these signs, call Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air today at 614-490-7530, or schedule an appointment online now at