Heating Tips for Holiday Parties

Dec 10, 2019 | Furnace, Heating, Winter

Christmas gifts, check. Tree, decorations, check. Turkey, ham, food, check. Entertainment, check. Invitations? Sent.

With all that taken care of, now what about keeping everyone warm and cozy for your holiday gathering? We at Lewis Center-Powell Heating and Air understand the lengths to which holiday hosts go to make their parties perfect. There’s a lot more to it than food and presents. With the chilly winter weather outdoors, you also go to great measures to guarantee your place is warm and cozy for all of your guests. To complicate things, baking and cooking during the holidays, combined with a house packed with friends and family, can cause your home to become uncomfortably hot without some tips. Below are some pointers from your trusted HVAC pros at Lewis Center-Powell Heating and Air:


  1. If you haven’t already, give us a call for a routine maintenance check-up. Sure, your furnace might be keeping your home nice and warm now. However, it’s always a good idea to regularly have your system checked. This prevents potential disruptions in service and saves you money down the road. Think about it, in the event of the unlikely, how would your holiday party be without heat?
  2. Are your vents blocked, or is there anything sitting too closely to your space heaters? Be sure to check these areas before and during your party. Remember to keep an eye out. As your party kicks off, and people start showing up, these areas often become obstructed, which hinders proper airflow and also can be a fire hazard.
  3. Does your home have a programmable thermostat? If so, utilize it. If not, consider having us install one to save you money and ensure comfort levels year-round. Programmable thermostats will automatically regulate the comfort levels in your place. They can adjust themselves when the temps start to climb from cooking and/or a house packed with people. Keep in mind, the more numerous the guests and the more prolonged the cooking, the toastier it gets.
  4. Get some cozy blankets and quilts for the seating areas around your house. Make them known, so they are quickly accessible for those individuals who get chilly easily. As an added plus, blankets and such save visitors from the lure of touching your thermostat to try to warm themselves up.
  5. Make as much food ahead of time as your event allows. Between choosing foods and appetizers that don’t need to be cooked and cooking food in advance, it will save your home from the added heat of excessive cooking the day of your party. Remember, as mentioned above, lots of cooking and people increase your home’s heat.
  6. Think about your home’s fireplace, if you have one that works safely and efficiently. Plan to fire that baby up! It’ll increase the festive atmosphere and provide warmth without touching your thermostat. This could save you some coin while making your guests snug.
  7. Go around your home and make sure all of your windows are fastened shut. Locking your windows will create a tighter seal that helps keep the cold air out and the warm air inside. As an added plus, this should also discourage your guests from cracking open a window without you realizing it.
  8. If your home is dry, utilize a “whole-home humidifier,” which will cover every room. Humidifiers enable your furnace to maintain your home’s heat evenly, enhancing comfort levels while permitting you to keep your thermostat down. Think about it. Dry air causes static electricity, which can shock you and your visitors.
  9. Take a closer look at your ceiling fans. They should have a switch that reverses the motion of their blades. Usually, ceiling fans pull air upward. However, in the reverse setting during colder weather, the opposite movement pushes warm air back down to your level, which will also circulate the air throughout the room and promote an even temperature.
  10. Is your party primarily set for one or two rooms, perhaps rooms known to be a little colder than the rest? Use some space heaters and consider closing up rooms or parts of your home that will be off-limits. Closing doors and putting blankets over hallways and staircases should work nicely while saving you money. For extra holiday ambiance, if you like the idea, find heaters that imitate fireplaces. 
  11. Finally, check your furnace filters. Although you should be routinely doing this all year (and especially during the winter), checking them before your party is always a great idea. It’ll keep your furnace safe and your air quality top-notch throughout your home.


For more heating tips or HVAC advice from the trusted pros, give Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air a call today at 614-490-7530. You can also schedule an appointment online now at www.lewiscenterpowellheatingandair.com/schedule-now/ for your added convenience. Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you and yours! God bless!