Halloween Heating Tips for Homeowners

Oct 29, 2019 | Furnace, Winter

Ahhh the joys of autumn. . . As the leaves change colors, the days grow shorter.  The nights become colder and the first and one of our oldest holidays approaches. Yes, that’s correct. It’s time for another Halloween. Halloween works as a great annual reminder that the scorching hot temperatures of summer are quickly superseded by the cooler nights of fall. That means winter is not far behind. And this is why October is the perfect month to schedule an appointment to have your furnace inspected. The “H” in your HVAC system has been dormant for months. And no, the “H” in HVAC does not stand for Halloween. It stands for heat –that precious commodity we Americans each spend thousands to keep.

In addition to offering to give your furnace a much-needed inspection, we at Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air compiled the following list to make for a happy “Hallogreen.”



Nothing is as soothing and enticing as the flickering glow of a flame amid the darkness of a crisp autumn night. While practicing the utmost safety, put that fireplace to work. Light a bonfire at out back. Or strategically place candles around the house and turn off those energy-burning lights for a break. Candles don’t use electricity and are especially spooky inside your carved pumpkin. We all understand how critical it is to produce the right mood for your Halloween decorations. Just remember safety first.



The best way to attract kids to come to your front door is lining that walkway with solar-powered lights. Not only that but also they help kids tread the right path. They help all those walking stay safe. Solar walkway lights will replenish their own energy supply during the day and light up that bright path at night. Plus, you can get imaginative and utilize them as part of your Halloween decors! Think outside the box.



Make sure you turn off your outside decor after an exciting night of trick-or-treating or giving out candy to kids with spooky costumes at your doorstep.  Nothing good came come from leaving them on. Having your decorations on all night will only run up your energy bill. Just remember, nothing good happens after midnight.



Household electronics such as tablets, computers, game consoles, and more can be infamous “energy vampires.” “Energy vampires,” also known as phantom loads, engulf energy even when you aren’t using them. You might even assume they’re “off.” They will drive up your energy bills. Experts estimate that the average annual cost of all “standby” or “idle” power is around $170 per American household. So be sure your electronic devices are either are on energy-saving mode or powered down to a power strip that can be unplugged. Questioning whether your electronics are energy vampires? A good indicator is a red or green light that remains on even when you power off the device. On that same note, experts also say the average American family consumes at least $2,000 a year on their home energy bills. Those same experts say you could save 20 to 30 percent off that bill by switching to with energy-efficient upgrades. That’s $300 to $600 more annually. That’ll buy a lot of candy. and one heck of a costume. You could even throw a party for that much



Speaking of parties, if you host a Halloween party, be sure you turn down the heat by at least 1 or 2 degrees. Hosting parties involves a lot of cooking and baking, so you can have hot food or treats for your visitors. Take advantage of the heat generated by your appliances and all of your guests’ warm bodies under your roof. Often, parties can get too hot. Turning your temperature down ahead of time will keep everyone comfy and save you energy.



It’s been said that spirit hauntings can produce a crisp chill in the air. Sound creepy? It doesn’t have to be. Welcome the cold, and wrap up with some warm layers. Incorporate them into your ensemble. This way, you can keep your front door open for trick-or-treaters and your thermostat down a couple of degrees. You’ll hardly notice the difference.



This year when you set out those festive lights, don’t fret about the energy cost. Just switch out your incandescent light bulbs for super energy-efficient LED bulbs. Sure they might cost a little extra to buy. However, LED light bulbs burn up at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. In fact, holiday LED bulbs can shine for up to 40 years. And they’re safer because they are much cooler than incandescent lights, making them less likely to burn your hands.


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