10 Simple HVAC Resolutions for 2020

Dec 31, 2019 | Heating, Winter

What better time of year to resolve to change than New Year’s? That must be why “New Year’s Resolutions” are such a big thing. The commencement of a new year is also a great time to take a fresh new look at your home’s HVAC system. Whether you’re considering acquiring a new system for your Delaware County home or you intend to maintain the one you have to its fullest potential, the start of the new year is the right time to start thinking about these things. 

Whether it be improving your type of filter or getting frequent routine checkups or completing other usual maintenance advice, we at Lewis Center Powell Heating and Air prepared these top 10 New Year’s resolutions to preserve your HVAC system in tip-top health in 2020.


Simple Resolutions

1. Do you appreciate the quality of the air in your home? Do you have friends or family with allergy problems? If so, choosing to use a more productive variety of air filter for your HVAC system next year will significantly enhance your air quality indoors. These new, improved high-efficiency pleated filters have a charge that functions as an electromagnet to seize the tiniest pollutants from your air — particularly those that transport bacteria. Just be sure to replace it at least every three months. 

2. Explore the spaces around your outside AC system, and heat pumps to be confident you have at least a couple of feet of space encircling them.

3. Remove any trash, grass, pollen, leaves, branches, and any other yard excess from the top, bottoms, and sides of your AC units and heat pumps. This should be performed at least one time a week during the spring, summer, and autumn. Also, during the summer, when you are cutting your grass, watch your lawnmower to ensure it isn’t discharging any grass clippings that end up near the unit.

4. Periodically examine the insulation on your refrigerant lines flowing into the house. If that lining is gone or if it’s messed up, substitute them as soon as possible.

5. How is your unit sitting these days? Is the ground still level? New Year’s is an excellent time to confirm your system is still on a solid and flat surface. Each year, be certain that your outdoor air-conditioning units and heat pumps still rest on firm and stable earth or pads.

6. Ever attempted to stop clogs from developing or forming in your drain? One way is to locate your condensate drains and drain some bleach and water mix through them. Do this frequently. It should halt the spread of algae and mold, a typical cause for clogs.

7. Throughout the hotter part of the year, close off the supply of water to your furnace humidifier. After the weather cools, before you turn on the heat, obtain a new humidifier wick filter. Once you get one, set the humidistat to around 35 percent to 40 percent relative humidity. After that, turn back on the supply of water.

8. How many of your home’s registers are closed? Before closing up too many, check. Be sure you don’t close more than 20 percent of them. Leaving them unblocked will stop avoidable tension on your HVAC system. Also, it’ll ensure decent airflow throughout your home, assisting you to maintain a balanced temperature.

9. We can’t stress this one too much. Replace the batteries in your home’s smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector on an annual basis. Examine them more often than that, but replace them at least once a year.

10. Now even though we list this one in the end, it’s realistically the most important. Because the majority of home systems have heating and air conditioning, we strongly recommend homeowners to schedule routine HVAC system checkups twice a year. For your home’s cooling equipment, having a pro come out in the spring will avert breakdowns. For your home’s heating system equipment, another checkup is essential in the fall. It spares you money and headaches in the long run and also prevents expensive maintenance and breakdowns.


One of the most imperative aspects of preventative maintenance is getting the right contractor with the right talents and expertise for the job. We at Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air believe we are that contractor. Just ask one of our customers or check us out on Google. We would love to hear from you. Call us today at 614-490-7530 or schedule an appointment online now at www.lewiscenterpowellheatingandair.com/schedule-now/.

Thank you, and have a Happy New Year!