What is the Most Energy-Efficient Furnace Setting? 

Jan 28, 2022 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Lewis Center, Lewis Center-Powell, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Powell, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks, Winter

You have probably heard all the excitement of the new technology with thermostats. And we understand how many homeowners could be confused about which brand to purchase, or maybe you are concerned about the overall look of the thermostat based on your home’s decor. We know this can be overwhelming for most homeowners, with many options to choose from. So to help with this, our excellent and professional Lewis Center-Powell Heating & Air technicians have put together some helpful information for an energy-efficient furnace. 

What Is A WiFi Thermostat?

Yes! WiFi Thermostat is exactly what it sounds like. You’re using your WiFi to be able to use your thermostat. This includes having a timeframe to have your heat turn down for hours at a time. You’ll be able to operate it while you are away at work or on vacation, as long as you have WiFi access. 

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is supposed to act the way your mind does; basically, It works for you. It will take note of your regular routines, mimic your temperature preferences throughout the day, and automatically set your temperature to your optimal comfort level based on how hot and cold you like it. So if you see that your thermostat says “Energy Star,” you can rest assured you are saving money by choosing a smart thermostat. Our trustworthy and reliable technicians would be happy to help install a smart thermostat in your home. 

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats will allow you to schedule your desired temperature settings and incorporate them into home automation systems. So you can be away from home, and it’s already getting ready for you, which is beneficial for all seasons! 

Does the Placement Of Thermostat Matter?

Deciding where to put your thermostat may seem easy to you because placing it where it looks the best sounds like the right thing to do; however, in a nutshell, it is not. If your thermostat is in direct sunlight, you risk getting false readings. You don’t want your system believing that it is warmer than it is, causing your system to kick on when it is not needed. Thus, defeating the purpose of saving energy. 

Whether you’re excited to try an energy-efficient thermostat system or just curious, you won’t be disappointed when purchasing one that best fits your home. Any of our technicians can help figure out which one works best for you, your family, and your home. 

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